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Our Specialty Coffees Portfolio

At Third Wave Coffee Source we focus on representing the best coffees from micro-lots and single estate farms. To do so we manage several farms and have direct contact with other producers to ensure the highest quality of the coffee we purchase beginning from the planting of seeds to the harvesting and processing of the current crops.

Approaching family friends with farms that meet the established requirements to produce great coffee, that is, located at high altitude, with the correct amount of rainfall and type of soil, we cup these coffees and decide on purchase based on their quality.

Our coffees are stored in parchment at our mill in Guatemala until they are ready to be shipped and sold and roasted. This is to ensure its best flavors and aromas are kept unchanged for longer. In efforts for the coffee to maintain its freshness, all our coffees are packed in Grain Pro bags.

If you would like a coffee that is not in our stock, send us an email and we will try and find it for you!